“Believe like madmen, love like madmen”

A call to young people on a beautiful summer evening

“There is a revolution to be done, and this revolution will pass, as at all stages of Christianity, around the poor. The great poor man who is Christ, who dwells among us in the Eucharist and hides under the face of our suffering brothers and sisters.”

Father Nicolas Buttet’s call* rang out in front of a hundred young people and street friends gathered in a completely unusual Parisian garden. Everyone was invited by Fratello for a beautiful evening.

Meeting each other is no big deal

Around the table, we discover the new faces and hit the pins together! The street friends who live as roommates open their gardens and introduce us to their living spaces. Nice simplicity !
We mix as a team around the Molky. And there’s no need to say, just chasing after victory brings us together in the blink of an eye! Shared joy !

After the Apéro-Molky, Fratello, we say yes !

We have been invited to become the fools the Church needs. Let us be those fools of pilgrims who will come to receive and share the fire of hope in Lourdes ! Let us be those fools who will let themselves be loved and transformed by our brothers on the street. And if we place Jesus in the midst of this great pilgrimage, then we will live the Gospel revolution. Nicolas Buttet invited us to live the “incredible simplicity” of the encounter between brothers, the one that brings us back to the essential. “You have to believe like madmen, to love like madmen”, that was his conclusion !

*Father Nicolas Buttet is the founder of the Eucharistein community.

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