Fratello 2021 in the world: local roots for international influence!

This year, the context pushed us to envisage a new event to celebrate the 5th World Day of the Poor: not one gathering, but dozens of gatherings on the 5 continents.

It is our desire that a universal surge of fraternity will rise up in the four corners of the globe with our most deprived brothers and sisters on the weekend of 13 & 14 November 2021.

From Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexico) to the prison of Fianarantsoa (Madagascar), from the sanctuary of Kibeho (Rwanda) to the Bronx of New York, passing through Cairo and Krakow, fratelli from all over the world met on the 13th and 14th of November!

Around the 13th and 14th of November 2021, local Fratello meetings with our fragile, poor, deprived and excluded friends from all over the world took place simultaneously and on the 5 continents.

The meeting with the Pope in Assisi

The kick-off was given by Pope Francis in Assisi on 12 November. He was surrounded by 400 fratelli from several European delegations.

After a festive evening on Thursday evening marked by the testimony of Carlo Acutis’ mother, they were able to meet the Pope on Friday morning. Some were able to greet him personally.

We were lucky enough to experience some wonderful times of prayer, led by Chemin Neuf and Gregory Turpin.

In the evening of a Friday punctuated by various activities (visits, meetings with Franciscan friars, sharing groups), the groups went in procession through the streets of Assisi to the lower basilica of Saint Francis, to experience a magnificent vigil of mercy.

At the end of Saturday’s mass, presided over by Monsignor Barbarin, all the fratelli gathered around the altar to pray for the priests.

Lots of graces!

If you were part of a Fratello event and you are a talented photographer, send us your photos here!

Some initiatives around the globe

“I was in prison and you visited me” (Matthew 25:36)

In Madagascar, an exceptional meeting took place in the prison of Fianarantsoa on the occasion of the 5th World Day of the Poor. Prisoners, prison officers and volunteers who work in the prison throughout the year spent three days together sharing meals, mass, prayers and a vigil of mercy.

In Ivory Coast, there was not a World Day of the Poor, but a World Week of the Poor! The local communities are already used to putting the poor at the heart of the week preceding World Day of the Poor, and it is on this beautiful momentum that they joined the Fratello adventure this year. 400 meals a day, up to 7000 families visited in the various slums of the dioceses of Yopougon, Bassam and Abidjan. On Sunday, the fratelli gathered at the Marian shrine in Abidjan, where they experienced a time of praise, Mass, a festive meal and a time of global prayer.

The House of Abraham, located in Jerusalem, organised the World Day of the Poor at the Greek Catholic sisters of the Emmanuel Monastery in Bethlehem. A group of 40 pilgrims from the Saint Laurent network from Quimper joined them for this event.

In Manila, Philippines, in spite of the health crisis that is violently hitting the country at the moment, our local correspondents also managed to organise a small gathering on the occasion of the 5th World Day of the Poor.
This took place in a garbage dump along the Marikina River, where families live by collecting and sorting waste.

A gift for the Pope!

Santons from all over the world, made by the fratelli of all countries, will be gathered in Rome and offered to Pope Francis, to constitute the first International Crib of the Poor!

© Marthe Poizat

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