Who are we?

Serving a poor Church, for the poor

Our mission statement

The team that carries Fratello is composed of lay people committed to the Church, originally involved in a great pilgrimage that led several thousand people from the streets and their companions to Rome in 2014 and November 2016.

After meeting them in a historic audience in Paul VI Hall, Pope Francis declared a new world day: that of the poor!

In collaboration with dioceses and associations throughout the world, Fratello wants to serve at the very heart of the Church, meeting the poorest and giving them their rightful place in the Church: the first!

Our team

What we are doing

We see ourselves as facilitators of encounters with people in precarious or excluded situations.

To do this, we act on three levels:

  1. Fratello organizes events and gatherings for and with people in precarious or excluded situations
  2. Fratello promotes the World Day of the Poor (33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time), decreed by Pope Francis in November 2016 at the end of the extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy
  3. Fratello offers tools to support dioceses, parishes, associations and congregations in welcoming the poor in their neighbourhood on a daily basis.

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