Serving a poor church for the poor

Fratello, in collaboration with dioceses and associations from all over the world, wants to serve at the very heart of the Church, to meet the poorest and give them their rightful place in the Church: the first !

14 November

God calls

15 November

God consoles and forgives

16 November

God heals

17 November

God sends

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At the end of the Jubilee of Mercy, I wanted to offer the Church the World Day of the Poor, so that throughout the world Christian communities may become ever more and better concrete signs of Christ's charity for the least and for those who are most in need. To the other World Days instituted by my predecessors, which are now a tradition in the life of our communities, I would like to add this one, which brings to their whole a typically evangelical complement, that is, Jesus' predilection for the poor.

Pope Francis


for the third World Day of the Poor

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ALL IN “LOURDES” – the film before the reality

“Overcoming within us the temptation of indifference” The 21st September 2019 started with a fraternal prayer in Notre-Dame des Champs. Led by Etienne Villemain, co-founder of Fratello, Laurent Landete and Father Bourgoin, priest of the Parisian parish of Notre Dame des Champs, who welcomed us, we were invited to “overcome within ourselves the temptation of […]


“Believe like madmen, love like madmen”

A call to young people on a beautiful summer evening

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