Many of us gathered this weekend to celebrate the 7th World Day of the Poor !

In France, we gathered at Lourdes, Boulogne, Pontmain, Notre-Dame du Laus, Lyon, Marseille, Taizé, Montbéliard… JOY was everywhere! 😊

The program, specific to each location, included elements common to all: friendship banquet, procession to the Virgin Mary, mercy vigil, mass, fraternal times, testimonies…

Thanks to motivated teams, everything ran smoothly, enabling everyone to experience authentic, fraternal and profound encounters. The smiles speak volumes about the joy shared throughout the weekend! 😊

On Sunday, November 19, at 3 p.m. (French time), a global prayer time via videoconference enabled us to pray together from the four corners of the globe! Fraternity goes beyond borders!

Our video prayer time brought together nearly 40 places from all over the world : France, Chile, Philippines, Burundi, Congo, Cameroon, Burma, Thailand, South Korea, Lebanon, Switzerland, Syria, United Kingdom… Thank you so much !

We heard two testimonies of faith:

  • Oscar, from Chile, testified to the power of mercy in his life. His encounter with Christ enabled him to escape alcohol and the streets. Today, he has a small business.
  • Karim-Augustin, from France, told us about his journey to baptism and how he still prays every day.

We then turned together to our Heavenly Mother!
A decade of the Rosary was recited from the four corners of the world, with an Ave in each language. Through the Virgin Mary, we entrusted ourselves to God as brothers and sisters, coming from all horizons! It is truly Jesus who brings us together, as we sang: “Jesus in our midst”.

Finally, Monsignor Emmanuel Dassi, Bishop of Bafia (Cameroon), blessed us by asking us to spread joy and love around us: “You have a treasure within you, your capacity to love, to give joy to others” He also invited us to trust in our Good Mother in Heaven, “who is always with us on earth, always sensitive to our poverty, as at the wedding in Cana”.

Thank you, Lord, for bringing us together!

To walk to the Jubilee, we invite you to welcome this Virgin, blessed by Pope Francis, and take her on a journey to your parishes, communities and families, as well as to prisons, camps and all places of suffering.
She will bring her motherly consolation. Thanks to her, we will weave a great network of love and fraternity around Jesus.

We’ll let you know more soon!

Let’s stay united in prayer!

Fratello looks forward to your photos 📷 and stories from this weekend ✏️
Let us hear from you at 🤗 We look forward to hearing from you!

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