The 8th World Day of the Poor: November 16-17, 2024

Pope Francis’ message

Throughout 2024, Pope Francis is proposing a year of prayer for the whole Church, in preparation for the Jubilee.

“In this time of preparation, I would greatly desire that we devote 2024, the year preceding the Jubilee event, to a great “symphony” of prayer.  Prayer, above all else, to renew our desire to be in the presence of the Lord, to listen to him and to adore him. Prayer, moreover, to thank God for the many gifts of his love for us and to praise his work in creation, which summons everyone to respect it and to take concrete and responsible steps to protect it. Prayer as the expression of a single “heart and soul” (cf. Acts 4:32), which then translates into solidarity and the sharing of our daily bread. Prayer that makes it possible for every man and woman in this world to turn to the one God and to reveal to him what lies hidden in the depths of their heart. Prayer as the royal road to holiness, which enables us to be contemplative even in the midst of activity. In a word, may it be an intense year of prayer in which hearts are opened to receive the outpouring of God’s grace and to make the “Our Father,” the prayer Jesus taught us, the life programme of each of his disciples.”

Extract from the letter written by Pope Francis to Mgr Fisichella (11/02/2022)
Photo credits : X. de Roquefeuil

What is Fratello planning for the 8th World Day of the Poor?

Each of us is invited to take part in this great symphony of prayer.

Let’s get together on November 16 and 17, 2024 for a weekend :

  • Festive: a friendship banquet, games, talent-sharing, music… A real party!
  • Fraternal: exchanges with people from all walks of life. Everyone is invited to come and meet their brothers and sisters!
  • Prayer: a vigil of mercy, a mass, times of praise and prayer… Whatever your religion, everyone is welcome!

In France, various gatherings with Fratello are being organized (Lourdes, Lyon, Paris…).

  • If you’re organizing an event in your diocese, get in touch with Fratello. The team will be delighted to talk to you, work together and relay your event.

A global time of prayer via video

On Sunday, November 17, 2024, at 3pm (French time), a global time of prayer will take place via video, bringing together people from all over the world.

If you’d like to take part in this worldwide prayer, get in touch with Fratello!

Together, let’s prepare for this wonderful event and build “a poor Church for the poor”!


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